Key Milk Components

Dr. Mike Hutjens looks at milk components in this week's Feed Forum Friday:

DMC, CFAP Deadline December 11th

December 11th is the deadline to register for round two of the Coronavirus Food Assistance Program and also the Dairy Margin Coverage Program. Chris Galen from the National Milk Producers Federation provided us with an update:

Dairy Margin Coverage Questions?

 Marin Bozic answers a few questions about USDA’s Dairy Margin Coverage program. 

COVID Spread Continues

From a recent PDPW Dairy Signal, Kathrine Barnes with the National Farm Medicine Center shares her thoughts about the spread of COVD-19:

Milk Production Ramifications

We saw a pretty bearish October Milk Production report last week. HighGround Dairy's Lucas Fuess talks about the ramifications with Lee Mielke on today's Dairy Radio Now:

Feed Outlook

Dr. Mike Hutjens provides the latest feed outlook:

Class I Up $1.83

The Agriculture Department announced the December Federal order Class I base milk price at $19.87 per hundredweight, up $1.83 from November, the highest Class I price since December 2014, and 54 cents above December 2019. That put the 2020 Class I average at $16.91,...

Winter Ventilation Tips

Just because we are entering the cold winter months doesn't mean to reduce the ventilation exchange rates in your barn. Dr. Ryan Leiterman from Crystal Creek tells us more:

Preparing For Transition

Dan Basse, President of AgResource Company updated Dairy Signal viewers on how the dairy industry is dealing with the global pandemic and government leadership transition.

Cheese Prices Falling, Feed Prices Rising

Cheese prices are falling and will pull milk prices lower but feed prices are rising. StoneX dairy broker, Dave Kurzawski, says last week's World Agricultural Supply and Demand Estimates report shows record corn exports and smaller crops. He talks with Lee Mielke...

October Class III Milk Up 33 Cents

smilingcowThe nation’s October benchmark Class III milk price climbed to $16.69 per hundredweight, up 33 cents from September and $1.87 above October 2016. It is the highest Class III since February 2017 and equates to about $1.44 per gallon, up from $1.41 in September and compares to $1.27 a year ago. The 10 month Class III average is at $16.19, up from $14.42 at this time a year ago and compares to $15.98 in 2015. 

The October Class IV price is $14.85, down $1.01 from September but $1.19 above a year ago, and the lowest Class IV since May 2017. Its average stands at $15.44, up from $13.65 a year ago and $13.97 in 2015. 

California’s October Class 4b cheese-milk price is $16.17 per cwt., up $1.29 from September, $1.74 above a year ago and   cents below the comparable Federal order Class III price. Its 10-month average stands at $15.33, up from $13.72 a year ago and $14.63 in 2015. 

The Class 4a butter-powder price is $14.51, down 18 cents from September, $1.40 above a year ago, but the lowest 4a price since May 2017. The 4a average now stands at $15.24, up from $13.25 in 2016 and $13.81 in 2015.

The four-week USDA-surveyed cheese price used to determine the month’s Class prices averaged $1.7254 per pound, up 6.5 cents from September. Butter averaged $2.3718, down 15.8 cents. Nonfat dry milk averaged 80.99 cents per pound, down 4 cents, and dry whey averaged 37.90 cents per pound, down 3.8 cents from September. Courtesy of The Mielke Market Weekly

Announcement of Class and Component Prices for October 2017
Release date: November 01, 2017

Class II Price:                             15.95   (per hundredweight)
Class II Butterfat Price:                  2.6716   (per pound)
Advanced Class II
Skim Milk Price 1/:                          6.84   (per hundredweight)

Class III Price:                            16.69   (per hundredweight)
Class III Skim Milk Price:                   7.63   (per hundredweight)

Class IV Price:                             14.85   (per hundredweight)
Class IV Skim Milk Price:                    5.72   (per hundredweight)

Butterfat Price:                           2.6646   (per pound)
Nonfat Solids Price:                       0.6357   (per pound)
Protein Price:                             2.1084   (per pound)
Other Solids Price:                        0.1853   (per pound)

Somatic Cell Adjustment Rate:             0.00086   (per 1,000 somatic cell count)

Product Price Averages:
Butter                                2.3718   (per pound)
Nonfat Dry Milk                       0.8099   (per pound)
Cheese                                1.7254   (per pound)
Dry Whey                              0.3790   (per pound)



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