Milk Pricing Strategies

Dr. Mike Hutjens, professor emeritus from the University of Illinois looks at current milk prices and strategies for the coming year:

Class III Jumps To $20.45

The US Agriculture Department announced the November Federal order Class III benchmark milk price at $20.45 per hundredweight this week, up $1.73 from October, $6.01 above November 2018, and the highest Class III price since October 2014. The eleven month Class III...

Winter Barn Ventilation Tips

Dr. Ryan Leiterman is a dairy veterinarian experienced in calf barn air circulation design and analysis. He shares how one system can optimize calf barn air circulation for every season.

TB Transfer Discussed at Summit

One confirmed tuberculosis (TB) test creates a domino effect of confusion, cost and questions. During the PDPW Dairy Insights Summit in Madison this week, Steve Maddox of Ruann Dairy in California will share his family’s story of how reverse transfer - the...

China Import Update

High Ground Dairy's Lucas Fuess discusses China's latest import data with Lee Mielke:

2019 Closes With Optimism

Dr. Mike Hutjens, professor emeritus from the University of Illinois takes a look at current milk and feed prices on this week's Feed Forum Friday:

Attitude of Gratitude

Today's broadcast is with Chris Galen of the National Milk Producers Federation. We hope your day is filled with love, laughter, and most of all, gratitude.

Dairy Insights Summit Preview

The PDPW Dairy Insights Summit is Dec. 5, 2019 at the Sheraton Hotel in Madison, Wiscsonsin. Cassandra Strupp gives us a preview on today's Dairy Radio broadcast:

Rising Milk Production

Matt Gould, editor of the Dairy and Food Market Analyst, warns of rising milk output in the U.S. and globally and the downward pressure that will mean ahead, but he is still optimistic about 2020 for dairy farmers. He talks with Lee Mielke about the reasons why....

Forage Update

Dr. Mike Hutjens joins us to look at the 2019 corn and alfalfa crop.

NMPF “Road Map” Petition to FDA

The National Milk Producers Federation today filed a citizen petition with the U.S. Food and Drug Administration, outlining a labeling solution to the use of dairy terms on non-dairy products as the agency considers public input from a recently concluded comment period.

The petition reinforces current FDA labeling regulations, with some additional clarification, to show how marketplace transparency can be enhanced and consumer harm from confusion over nutritional content can be reduced. It also addresses several specious arguments raised by marketers of vegan foods as part of the ongoing debate on dairy labeling, such as the false idea that creating consistent, clear labeling of non-dairy products would somehow limit the use of dairy terms on products that clearly aren’t marketed as dairy substitutes, such as peanut butter. (The petition may be accessed here.)



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