Hutjens Discusses Milk Components

Dr. Mike Hutjens topic this week is milk components:

Discussion Continues To ‘Build Back Better’

The Build Back Better Agenda is being debated in our nations capital - and as we hear from National Milk's Chris Galen, the proposed legislation has a hefty price tag to help create jobs, cut taxes, and lower costs for working families.

The Latest In Microbiome Research

This week's Producer Tuesday features Dr. Noelle Noyes from the University of Minnesota, who recently shared on a PDPW Dairy Signal the latest news and research involving the microbiome.

GDT Unchanged

The GDT was unchanged Tuesday, but the stability of the GDT is not bearish, according to StoneX dairy broker Dave Kurzawski. He talks about it with Lee Mielke:

Latest Research On Feed Intake

Dr. Mike Hutjens shares the latest research regarding feed intake in this week's Feed Forum Friday:

Gallagher Steps Down As CEO

Dairy Management Inc. announced that Tom Gallagher has decided to conclude his 30-year tenure as CEO to devote more time to teaching and other opportunities. Barbara O’Brien, President of DMI and CEO of the Innovation Center for U.S. Dairy, has been named by the board...

Calf Care During Seasonal Changes

Dr, Ryan Leiterman with Crystal Creek reminds us of the seasonal changes taking place and offers tips on proper calf care during the colder months:

Market Update

This week's Producer Tuesday features Ben Buckner, Chief Grains and Dairy Analyst at AgResource, who provided PDPW Dairy Signal viewers the latest domestic and global market conditions:

Benchmark Milk Price Inches Up

The September benchmark milk price gained 58 cents this week and futures prices are showing a peak around $17.80. Will that be enough for U.S. farmers to stay in business? StoneX dairy broker, Dave Kurzawski, tackles that question.

Hay and Forage Update

Dr. Mike Hutjens updated Dairy Radio Listeners on the latest hay prices and conditions.

Milk Prices Seeing Slow Rebound

U.S. milk prices are beginning a slow rebound but have a long way back to profitability. The Agriculture Department announced the January Federal order Class III benchmark price at $13.96 per hundredweight, up 18 cents from December but 4 cents below January 2018. It equates to $1.20 per gallon, up from $1.18 in December and compares to $1.20 a year ago.

The January Class IV price is $15.48, up 39 cents from December, $2.35 above a year ago, and the highest Class IV price since September 2017.

The four week USDA surveyed cheese price used in calculating the month’s Class prices averaged $1.3868 per pound, up 1.3 cents from December. The butter price averaged $2.2343, down 0.8 cent. Nonfat dry milk averaged 95.13 cents per pound, up 4.9 cents, and dry whey averaged 48.05 cents per pound, up 1.2 cents from December. Courtesy of the Mielke Market Weekly



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