FARM “Quick Convos” Scheduled

The National Farmers Assuring Responsible Management (FARM) Program will host a series of online informational sessions beginning Nov. 4. The “Quick Convos” will feature FARM staff and industry stakeholders discussing program components, expectations, and available...

Market Update

Strong dairy prices would seem to indicate that dairy product commercial disappearance must really be great. Not necessarily, according to Matt Gould, analyst and editor of the Dairy and Food Market Analyst newsletter. He talks with Lee Mielke about it:

Useful DHIA Records

Dairy Herd Information Association (DHIA) helps dairy producers create and manage important records and data about their cows Dr. Mike Hutjens tells us more on today's Feed Forum Friday:

DMC and CFAP Deadline is December 11th

National Milk's Chris Galen joined us on today's Dairy Radio Now broadcast to update listeners on round two of the Coronvirus Food Assistance Program, as well as the new Dairy Margin Coverage Program:

Milk Price Roller Coaster Continues

The September benchmark milk price is dropping, however October is poised to shoot back up above $20. StoneX dairy broker Dave Kurzawski talks about it with Lee Mielke; as well as current cheese prices and the government's Food Box program:

Marketing Milk Solids

The price of milk protein has been on the rise. Dr. Mike Hutjens tells us more:

Options For CFAP 2 Signup

Producers have multiple options to apply for the second round of the Coronavirus Food Assistance Program or CFAP 2. Wisconsin FSA's Sandy Chalmers updated producers on a recent PDPW Dairy Signal webcast.

Testing For Ketosis

Research from the University of Wisconsin-Madison predicts that 40-45% of dairy cows develop ketosis within the first 30 days of milk. Dr. Ryan Leiterman begins a series on why testing for ketosis is crucial for a dairy producers bottom-line. .

China Buying Up Soybeans

Dan Basse, President of AgResource Company updated PDPW Dairy Signal attendees on China's latest purchases of U.S. soybeans:

Food Box Deliveries Slowing Down

U.S. milk prices promise to remain relatively strong, however StoneX Dairy warns that government Food Box deliveries are beginning to slow. What does this mean for the dairy complex? Dairy broker Dave Kurzawski talks with Lee Mielke about it:

Dr. Mike Hutjens

Useful DHIA Records

Dairy Herd Information Association (DHIA) helps dairy producers create and manage important records and data about their cows Dr. Mike Hutjens tells us more on today’s Feed Forum Friday:

Three Areas To Focus On Lameness

Nearly a quarter of our world’s cattle are lame, but there are steps dairy producers can take to alleviate challenges on their operation. Dr. Mike Hutjens shares three critical areas to combat lameness on today’s Dairy Radio:

Summer Feeding

Corn is expected to be a bin buster and soybeans are also up in acreage, according to Dr. Mike Hutjens, who updated Dairy Radio listeners on the latest summer feeding conditions:

Prevented Planting Update

Prevented planting is the failure to plant an insured crop with the proper equipment by the final planting date or during the late planting period.  Dr. Mike Hutjens tells us more on this week’s Feed Forum Friday:

Corkscrew Claw Syndrome

Hoof health is our topic this week with Dr. Mike Hutjens, retired dairy extension specialist from the University of Illinois. He tells us about a UW-Madison study that examines a hoof condition in young heifers:

Update On Direct-Fed Microbials

Live bacteria can benefit your dairy animal. Today we learn about direct-fed microbials or DFM’s, particularly for calves on liquid milk replacer. Dr. Mike Hutjens tells us the different types and benefits of DFM’s on today’s Feed Forum Friday:

FARM 4.0 Deadline Looms

The public comment period for FARM 4.0 ends Sunday, March 31st. Review the standards outlined in the charts, download informational PDFs, and leave your feedback on FARM’s webiste here. Dr. Mike Hutjens has more:

Check For Tar Spot Complex

Farmers should be checking for Tar Spot Complex, a brand new fungus problem that has occurred in the corn-belt and other areas of the U.S. Dr. Mike Hutjens tells us more on today’s Dairy Radio Now.