Dairy Dynamics

Dairy prices remain strong as we hear from Dr. Mike Hutjens on today's Feed Forum Friday:

Fake Milk Labeling Changes Expected

With FDA guidance expected on the proper labeling of plant-based milk alternatives sometime this summer, the National Milk Producers Federation is asking the FDA to rethink plant-based beverages when defining milk. Chris Galen updated Dairy Radio Now listeners on...

Managing Heat Stress During Reproduction

Dr. Paul Fricke from the University of Wisconsin-Madison updated PDPW Dairy Signal viewers and listeners on the importance of keeping cows cool.

Breeding Changes On The Farm

Breeding programs on America’s dairy farms are seeing some surprising changes, according to Hoards Dairyman Managing Editor Corey Geiger. He talks to Lee Mielke about it.

Proper Calf Managment

Dr. Mike Hutjens recaps a recent study about getting colostrum to calves early as part of proper calf management:

A True Family Dairy Farm

Deborah Mills married a dairy farmer more than three decades ago; back when we saw more family dairy operations. She joins us on today's NDPO Producer Spotlight to tell us about the big changes we've seen on the family farm through the years.

WDE Announces Virtual Farm Tours

World Dairy Expo Virtual Farm Tours have brought some of the best dairy operations from near and far to Madison for over 20 years. The four dairies to be featured during WDE 2022 continue that tradition while showcasing environmental stewardship, quality genetics,...

Investing Off The Farm

Having options are important during these uncertain times. On this week's PDPW Producer Tuesday, our topic is "Investing Off The Farm," with PJ Madson, Senior Vice President of Wealth Management, Nicolet National BankBank. These are comments he shared from a recent...

Dairy Product Prices Weakening

Dairy product prices appear to be weakening some - StoneX dairy broker Dave Kurzawski discusses with Lee Mielke:

Adding Protein To Pasture Systems

Dr. Mike Hutjens shares recent research of pasture responses when feeding dairy cows.

Estate Tax Could Be Killed This Year

By Patrick Cavanaugh

dcDanielle Beck, the Director of Governmental Affairs with the National Cattlemen’s Beef Association. She and others of the industry are applauding the introduction of a bipartisan legislation that would permanently kill the onerous estate tax that harshly affects the cattle industry.

US Senator, John Thune, of South Dakota and by US Representatives, Kristi Noem of South Dakota and Sanford Bishop of Georgia, introduced the Death Tax Repeal Act of 2017 this week. Beck said, “It’s a huge priority for the NCBA.”

Last Congress, Chairman Kevin Brady, 8th District, Texas introduced the blueprint, Pathways to Tax Reform. “It’s something that they’ve been gearing up towards and now that we have a Republican in both chambers of Congress, and then a Republican in the White House, it seems like they’re shooting with bullets this year. We’re excited to see what happens moving forward,” Beck said.

And of course, the estate tax has been devastating to ranching families. “In 2006 it was estimated that family businesses spent $27.8 billion just to comply with the law. It’s hard to estimate exactly what the total savings will be. Ultimately, at the end of the day we know that the Estate Tax impedes economic growth because it discourages savings and capital accumulation,” said Beck.

And if the cattle-ranching families are not saddled with the huge burden of Estate Tax it will allow them to invest in their own businesses and communities.

“We’ve met with the committee recently and they are full-speed ahead. We think that we’ll probably see some sort of legislation whether it’s a comprehensive reform bill or reconciliation sometime in the spring,” said Beck. “They have committed a number of times that they want to get something passed and into law by the August recess, so they’re moving quickly.”

Many ranch families are asset rich and cash poor. Most of the value of the estate is attributed to the value of the land, livestock, and the equipment used. Oftentimes, when producers are faced with paying an Estate Tax they have to sell off many of their assets to just make ends meet.



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