Dairy Industry Eyes Rising Interest Rate

The Fed put a patch on the gaping hole called inflation, by way of a 75 basis point interest rate hike. StoneX dairy broker Dave Kurzawski talks with Lee Mielke about what that means for the dairy industry:

Dairy Month History Lesson

Dr. Mike Hutjens tells us why we celebrate June Dairy Month every year and some interesting facts and figures regarding the state of the dairy industry today:

The Importance of June Dairy Month

For years, the dairy industry has celebrated June Dairy Month, and this year is no exception. Deborah Mills, a Minnesota dairy producer and member of the National Dairy Producers Organization joins us on this month's NDPO Producer Spotlight:

Dairy Export Update

We got a look at April U.S. dairy exports this week. HighGround Dairy's Lucas Fuess talks with Lee Mielke about the numbers:

World Dairy Expo Tix Available Online

The countdown for the 55th World Dairy Expo is on as there are only four months left until the global dairy industry meets once again in Madison, Wisconsin. In addition to a new schedule, October 2 through 7, Expo is introducing the ability to purchase digital...

Getting The Ration Right

Dr. Mike Hutjens recaps a Canadian research study that shows four different models and what were the milk protein yields in dairy cows:

Revamping The Milk Pricing System

Chris Galen with the National Milk Producers Federation updates Dairy Radio Now listeners on revamping the Federal Milk Marketing Order system the milk pricing:

Straight Talk About Reducing Enteric Methane

There's a lot of talk about the dairy industry needing to reduce enteric methane. We hear a lot about products that promise to help farmers do just that. At the same time, there's confusion out there and some hot button issues. Here to talk about it are Peter Williams...

Cattle Movement Requirements

On our Producer Tuesday brought to you by the Professional Dairy Producers - we look at requirements and regulations regarding cattle movement with Darlene Konkle with the Department of Ag Trade and Consumer Protection. Comments from a recent PDPW Dairy Signal.

Milk, Feed Prices Set Records

The April All Milk Price set another record high; but feed prices are setting records too. Bill Brooks, dairy economist with Missouri-based Stoneheart Consulting, talks with Lee Mielke about it.

Class III Down 72 Cents

The Agriculture Department announced the July Federal order Class III benchmark milk price at $16.49 per hundredweight, down 72 cents from June and $8.05 below the artificially inflated price a year ago when Uncle Sam’s Food Box program was buying lots of cheese. Last year’s price was the second highest Class III ever, at $24.54, just 6 cents shy of the record high set in September 2014.  

The seven month Class III average stands at $16.90, down from $17.30 at this time a year ago and compares to $15.58 in 2019.

The July Class IV price is $16.00, down 35 cents from June but $2.24 above a year ago. Its seven month average is at $15.01, up from $13.78 a year ago, and compares to $16.11 in 2019. Courtesy of the Mielke Market Weekly



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