Dairy Producers Optimistic

Dairy producers remain optimistic and determined to get through the COVID-19 pandemic inspired downturn, according to Hoard's Dairyman managing editor Corey Geiger, following last week's Dairy Livestream discussion. He talks with Lee Mielke about it:

Dairy Market Report

Official U.S. dairy statistics are just starting to register the impacts of the pandemic, provisionally in productconsumption data, stock levels and federal milk marketing order prices. Full Report from DMI

Summer Forage Alternatives

Dr. Mike Hutjens joins us on our Feed Forum Friday to discuss forage needs and some creative alternatives to think about:

California Quota Hearing Set

CDFA announced a new date for the Chapter 3.5 quota hearing and this week CDFA announced additional details regarding the process. Read More from Western United Dairymen

Farm Bureau Welcomes Direct Payment Details

The American Farm Bureau welcomes the announcement by President Trump detailing how the $16 billion in direct payments to farmers from the Coronavirus Food Assistance Program will be distributed. Read More From AFBF

Phase 1 Underway

Covid-19 has changed the way we live our lives but word of restaurants and other food services slowly opening up across the country is great news, according to economist Dan Basse, President of AgResource Company: Full Podcast on PDPW Dairy Signal

Dairy Prices Showing Recent Strength

Dairy prices have seen some strength recently. HighGround Dairy’s Director of Dairy Market Intelligence, Lucas Fuess, talks about it with Lee Mielke. He also question's the increase in U.S. milk output spelled out in last week's World Agricultural Supply and Demand...

COVID-19 Economic Impact

Dr. Mike Hutjens joins us to discuss COVID-19's economic impact at the farm gate:

Federal Stimulus Hopes to Weather Storm

Details of the new disaster relief program are being discussed by USDA, NMPF's Chris Galen tells us more on today's Dairy Radio Now :

Stay Focused

The economic and health risks of coronavirus have many dairy producers on edge – but staying focused on the task at hand and remembering the value that dairy farming provides can help carry farmers through, says NMPF's Emily Yeiser-Stepp: LISTEN

April Milk Production Up Just 0.7 Percent

The slowdown in U.S. milk output was more obvious in April, though it still bested previous year output for the 52nd month. USDA’s preliminary data put output at a bullish 17.3 billion pounds in the top 23 states, up 0.7 percent from April 2017. The 50-state total, at 18.4 billion pounds, was up 0.6 percent. Revisions lowered the March estimate 9 million pounds to 17.8 billion pounds, up 1.4 percent.

April cow numbers in the 50 states totaled 9.4 million, unchanged from March and just 8,000 above a year ago. Output per cow averaged 1,961 pounds, up 9 pounds from a year ago.

California topped its year-ago output for the fourth consecutive month but not by much, up just 0.4 percent on a drop of 19,000 cows from a year ago. Output per cow was up 30 pounds. Wisconsin inched 0.7 percent lower on a 5-pound loss per cow and 5,000 fewer cows milked.

A 55-pound drop per cow took New York output down 2.4 percent, though cow numbers were up 2,000. Idaho was up 3.5 percent, thanks to a 40-pound increase per cow and 9,000 more cows. Pennsylvania was down 1.7 percent on a 30-pound loss per cow. Cow numbers were unchanged. Minnesota was down 2.2 percent, on 5,000 fewer cows and 20 pounds less per cow.

Michigan output was also down, 1.4 percent on a 15-pound loss per cow and 3,000 fewer cows. New Mexico was up 2.6 percent on 6,000 more cows and 15 pounds more per cow. Texas producers saw a 100 pound gain per cow propel their overall output 7 percent higher and the extra 10,000 cows helped as well. Vermont was down 3 percent on a 30-pound loss per cow and 2,000 fewer cows. Washington State was up 3.1 percent on a 45 pound gain per cow and 2,000 more cows milked than a year ago.
Courtesy Mielke Market Weekly



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