Keller Named New Foundation Director

Janet Keller is taking over the reins as the new Executive Director of the Professional Dairy Producers Foundation. She joined us on Tuesday's Dairy Radio:

Disappearance Update

2018 total disappearance was higher across all commodities. High Ground Dairy's Lucas Fuess talks about it with Lee Mielke on Monday's Dairy Radio:

Managing Shrink Loss

Today we focus on saving feed costs by managing shrink loss with Dr. Mike Hutjens, retired dairy extension specialist from the U of Illinois:


The National Milk Producers Federation voiced strong support for the DAIRY PRIDE Act today, calling it another means toward a crucial end for consumers: the end of mislabeled non-dairy products as “milks” in the marketplace. Read more

Prep For Media

Working with the media may sound fun until reporters are showing up to cover an accident on your farm. Media veteran Katrina Cravy joined us on Dairy Radio Now with some tips.

Check For Tar Spot Complex

Farmers should be checking for Tar Spot Complex, a brand new fungus problem that has occurred in the corn-belt and other areas of the U.S. Dr. Mike Hutjens tells us more on today's Dairy Radio Now.

Guidance To New DMC Program

With the U.S. Department of Agriculture reporting the first month of data applicable to farmer payments under the new Dairy Margin Coverage program, the National Milk Producers Federation commended USDA for helping farmers understand the scope of DMC program and...

Don’t Cut Costs With Fans

During challenging times there are places to cut costs but not when investing in fans to power your ventilation tube system. Dr. Ryan Leiterman from Crystal Creek tells us more:

Dairy Value Chain Offers Quality

Kwik Trip is a family owned company based in Lacrosse, Wisconsin and home to more than 18,000 associates. Scott Falkenberg, Sr. Category Mgr, joined us on Dairy Radio Now to tell us more and also preview a panel discussion on the future of food at next week's PDPW...

DMC Signups Start Mid-June

Ag Secretary Sonny Perdue says signups for the new Dairy Margin Coverage program will start on June 17th. Bob Gray from Northeast Dairy Cooperatives joined us on today's Dairy Radio Now with more info:

August Class III: $16.57

The August Federal order Class III benchmark milk price was announced by the USDA at $16.57 per hundredweight, up $1.12 from July but is 34 cents below August 2016. It is the highest Class III price since February 2017 and equates to about $1.42 per gallon, up from...

Think Tank Looks Out For Family Farmer

“Our main concern is keeping American family farmers in business,” says Mike Weaver with Organization for Competitive Markets, a membership-based research and advocacy organization working for open and competitive markets and fair trade in America’s...

Funds Help Texas Ranchers Impacted By Harvey

Hurricane Harvey has put a lot of water in southern Texas, including cattle country. The storm hit fast and some cattlemen were caught off guard. One way assistance is being provided is through the Texas Department of Agriculture’s STAR fund. Commissioner Sid...

Wisconsin Dairies Host Community Meetings

In a continued effort to encourage dialogue in rural communities, several Wisconsin dairy farm families are opening their dairies to the public .  These ACE (Agricultural Community Engagement®) On-the-Farm Twilight Meetings are free and include a farm tour, ice cream...

Don’t Mess With Beef Provisions of NAFTA

The second round of NAFTA renegotiation between the U.S., Canada, and Mexico are scheduled next week in Mexico. There wasn’t a lot accomplished in the first round as we hear from Colin Woodall, vice-president of government affairs with the National...