Shutdown Continues

The partial government shutdown has cost the dairy markets some regularly supplied information from USDA. How important was that info? FC Stone dairy broker Dave Kurzawski discusses with Lee Mielke on today's Dairy Radio Now.

Key Milk Outlook Factors

Dr. Mike Hutjens is back on to tell us some key factors in determining where future milk prices are heading.

Class I Up 18 Cents

The February Federal Order Class I base milk price was announced by the USDA at $15.30 per hundredweight, up 18 cents from January, $1.05 above February 2018, and the highest Class I price since November 2018. It equates to $1.32 per gallon, up from $1.23 a year ago,...

FSA Offices Reopen Temporarily

Many Farm Service Agency (FSA) offices will reopen temporarily in the coming days to perform certain limited services for farmers and ranchers. The U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) has recalled about 2,500 FSA employees to open offices on Thursday, January 17 and...

Storing ‘Bug Free’ Grains

Warren McDougal, regional sales manager with Central Life Sciences, joined us on today's Dairy Radio Now to share tips on how to prevent stored grains from costly insect infestations.

Leaders Are Made, Not Born

Professionals and producers with professionalism can set themselves apart from others by attending Cornerstone Dairy Academy™, a product of Professional Dairy Producers of Wisconsin (PDPW) and underwritten by the Professional Dairy Producers Foundation (PDPF). PDPW's...

Thawing Trade Relations With China

HighGround Dairy’s director of market intelligence, Lucas Fuess, says “the unthawing” of trade relations with China is good news for U.S. farmers but the U.S. has its work cut out for itself. 

A Closer Look At Vitamins

Dr. Mike Hutjens looks at the importance of feeding vitamins to your cows on today's Feed Form Friday:  

Government Shutdown Stymies Farm Bill

We have a new Farm Bill that will benefit dairy farmers but the government shutdown has put a 'hitch in the giddy-up' for the time being. Dairy has been noted as a big winner in the Farm Bill, with new programs that assist dairy producers facing low prices. Chris...

Effective Fly Control All Year Round

We're not dealing with many insect pests this time of year but there still should be an effective fly control plan in place. For the most effective control, operators should employ a comprehensive Integrated Pest Management (IPM), according to Mark Upton, Central Life...

September Class III Jumps to $16.09

The September Federal order benchmark milk price jumped $1.14 to $16.09 per hundredweight (cwt.), 27 cents below September 2017 but the highest Class III price since November 2017. It equates to $1.38 per gallon, up from $1.29 in August but down from $1.41 a year ago.

Wednesday’s Class III futures portend an October price at $15.81, November at $16.04 and December at $15.98. The nine-month Class III average stands at $14.62, down from $16.12 a year ago and compares to $14.38 in 2016. 

The September Class IV price is $14.81, up 18 cents from August but $1.05 below a year ago. Its nine-month average hit $13.95, down from $15.51 a year ago and compares to $13.65 in 2016.
Courtesy: Mielke Market Weekly

The announcement of Class and Component Prices for September 2018
Release date: October 03, 2018

Class II Price:                             15.13   (per hundredweight)
Class II Butterfat Price:                  2.5512   (per pound)
Advanced Class II
Skim Milk Price 1/:                          6.43   (per hundredweight)

Class III Price:                            16.09   (per hundredweight)
Class III Skim Milk Price:                   7.45   (per hundredweight)

Class IV Price:                             14.81   (per hundredweight)
Class IV Skim Milk Price:                    6.12   (per hundredweight)

Butterfat Price:                           2.5442   (per pound)
Nonfat Solids Price:                       0.6801   (per pound)
Protein Price:                             2.0029   (per pound)
Other Solids Price:                        0.2098   (per pound)

Somatic Cell Adjustment Rate:             0.00083   (per 1,000 somatic cell count)

Product Price Averages:
Butter                                2.2724   (per pound)
Nonfat Dry Milk                       0.8548   (per pound)
Cheese                                1.6533   (per pound)
Dry Whey                              0.4028   (per pound)



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